Toll Management

Europcar in Portugal will provide a Toll Management Service - "Toll Management", a solution for payment of ex-SCUTs (highways with virtual tolls) and national highways in Portugal. All our vehicles (passenger light cars and light commercial vehicles) will be equipped with an electronic toll device "Via Verde".

The value of the tolls will be debited at no additional cost to your credit card until 30 days after the end date of the rental.

With this new service - "Toll Management" - you will benefit from numerous advantages, like:

  • Facilitates compliance with Portuguese law, avoiding fines and additional administrative costs;
  • Avoids stopping and waiting in queues at pay toll booths;
  • Simplifies the payment of ex-SCUTs;
  • Prevents unnecessary trips and waiting in queues at authorized payment authorities (Post Offices and Payshops).

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